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We are Alison and Fran, two friends and former early years work colleagues who have teamed up as Earth-Worms, a new business aimed at supporting outdoor learning in the York, east Riding and Hull area.
We are based at Fran's smallholding 'Oak House Farm' in beautiful countryside at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds, where our Earth-Worms hens live alongside her 7 very spoilt kune kune pigs, 'Winnie' the golden retriever, Phoebe the smallholding cat and various other poultry.
Fran has worked in the early years sector for many years, is a respite foster carer for disabled children and a registered childminder at Oak House Farm. All the children who visit love to help with the smallholding chores such as feeding the pigs,collecting the eggs and planting in the organic vegetable garden.
Alison is a qualified teacher and EYP who has garden hens of her own, she currently works part time supporting a child in an infant school and has a wealth of craft and story sack ideas.

At Earth-Worms we believe in the importance of children growing up with nature, experiencing the seasons, the outdoors and the variety of other life we share it with.
We love to see children out in the natural environment, getting wet and dirty and learning about the world around them and about themselves.

We are initially offering 2 different hen hire packages,you can find out about these in more detail on our 'packages' page, we hope to later also offer other services such as incubator loan and the hire of other interesting smaller creatures such as indian stick insects and giant african land snails.

At Earth-Worms we prefer to use organic, recycled and repurposed supplies where possible in our hire packages because to us that just makes good sense.
The Cosy Coop henhouses we use as temporary housing whilst our hens are visiting settings are made from recycled 'wheelie bins' as is the 'wisefeeder' feed hopper that comes with it.
We source organic layers pellets and mixed corn from 'The Organic Feed company' to feed the hens on and use natural hemp bedding from the poultry supplier 'Flyte so Fancy' to help keep them cosy and clean. We also use their diatom powder which is a totally natural and safe product made from the fossilised remains of ancient sea creatures.

Our hire hens are 'recycled' too as they are all either ex caged birds rehomed through The British hen Welfare Trust now enjoying their retirement, or their daughters who have hatched out at Oak House Farm.

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