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We are situated in beautiful countryside at the foot of the Yorkshire Wolds, approximately 10 miles from the historic city of York.

Florence, Peggy, Lola, Harriet, Lottie, Felicity and Henry our seven pedigree Kune Kune pigs live happily outside where they have plenty of space to do what pigs do.            

Lottie is a very beautiful 'tricolour', dark ginger with black and cream splodges and Felicity, a pretty  and inquisitive little black and white gilt with piri piri will be ready for a litter of her own next year.

Our breeding girls are of the 'Jenny' bloodline, they are of good conformation and are the smaller kune kunes, they are extremely tame and friendly and come running when they see us. 

Previous litters have gone far and wide to such places as the New Forest, The Lake District and The Scottish Borders, we often receive news and photos from their new owners and are really pleased that they are so settled, it is good to hear of their adventures together.

You are welcome to visit our kunes, of course without obligation as we simply like showing them off.



                                June 2013

We were very sad to lose our lovely pet sheep Teddy last summer and then his companion Daisy at New Year, we still miss them especially Teddy plodding over to have his velvety nose rubbed. The 2 Jacob ewes we got to replace them proved to be brilliant escapologists sneaking into the kitchen garden and clearing the highest fences with great ease so they have gone back to the local breeder (once we managed to catch them after a few laps round the Yorkshire Wolds.) So, as beautiful as they are, not the breed for us, the breeder said if they didn't settle back into the flock she would bring us a leg, we are not sure how we feel about that!!

We don't have any piglets here at Oak House Farm this year but hope that Felicity will provide us with some next spring, however we do know of a litter nearby, call Eddie on 01759 388651 or email  e-mcguigan@sky.com if you are interested.

We have another batch of ex battery hens settling in at the moment, they stand about on one leg wondering what the big blue thing above them is, we got hold of them through the BHWT (British Hen Welfare Trust) you can register online and be included on their waiting list. 

One of the photographs from our website, 'Brotherly Love' has been reproduced in water colour by a very talented lady called Celia Lewis and features in her new book 'The Illustrated Guide to Pigs'. It is a beautiful book with lots of interesting pig facts and info and would also make a great present for any pig enthusiast, she has also written about keeping chickens, you can see her work on her website www.celialewis.co.uk  

Previous years litters from Oak House Farm have all settled well in their new homes and all of their new owners have been in touch to tell us how much they are enjoying them.
'Widget' and 'Frodo's'  owners obtained a walking license for them and got lots of attention walking them round their village!                                                                              Lucy Dusgate's piglet won 2 prizes in the Penistone show including achieving 1st for 'prettiest piglet in show'..







Florence at 2 weeks old


Happy as a pig in clover?



Florence and gang.


The handsome Henry


The gorgeous Harriet.


This piglet is an hour old, he has just had his first feed and nodded off in Mums armpit

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