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Other Animals

At Oak House Farm we have lots of other animals for you to meet on your visit.

Apart from Winnie the golden retriever and Phoebe the smallholding vermin control cat, we have a pet rabbit called Thumper too.

There are also traditional breeds of hen such as Rhode Island Reds and Light Sussex who provide enough eggs for us with extra for the neighbours.  

The 3 Buff Orpington chicks have grown into very handsome birds, there are two beautiful hens and a very splendid cockerel who has just found his voice, we hope to try and hatch some out in the incubator this year.             

The lavender arucana chick we hatched out in the incubator has also grown fast and is a very pretty little hen, we can't wait until she lays us her first little blue egg..

Our little family of Aylesbury ducks are healthy and happy, they all go for family swims in the paddling pool together.

Teddy and Daisy the sheep run up to us at this time of year as they know we may have a few sheep nuts on us now that the grass has lost its goodness.



Our traditional breeds of chickens 





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