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                                                     Health and Safety

Earth-Worms take the health and safety of all children and staff who come into contact with our business extremely seriously and believe we have considered every aspect of any potential issues thus enabling the hen hire experience to be safe, enjoyable and worry free.

We have written risk assessments available for you to apply to your school or nursery with blank space for you to add any which are more specific to your setting.

The whole flock at Oak House Farm is registered with DEFRA and we are also on their alert list so would be contacted by them as soon as they became aware of any relevant notifiable poultry diseases; as per our terms and conditions we would agree to remove hens from settings under their advice.

All our equipment is sourced for its safe use by children and we are only a phone call away should you be unsure of anything or need anything replacing.

We have researched and had lots of discussions on the subject of handwashing, eventually sourcing an anti bacterial hand sanitising gel specially marketed by Net Tex for use in schools and on farms.
There has since been media coverage questioning the use of its active ingredient triclosan, however, we learnt that it was tested on mice whose physiology is very different to humans and in large quantities and as we always advocate using a pea sized amount and follow it up with thorough handwashing with soap and running water, as advised by the HSE, do still believe it offers protection until children go indoors to wash their hands under a tap.
We will provide the gel, which is claimed to kill 99% of e coli and salmonella viruses, in the equipment drawers but can remove it should you wish us to do so.

We also provide little gloves and aprons for the children to wear whilst cleaning out the cosy coop.

Our ex caged hens are all salmonella vaccinated so the use of their eggs is of minimal risk.

Our insurers ask us that children under 5 should not hold the hens but are permitted to stroke and touch them whilst a member of the Earth-Worms team is holding them.





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