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"Earth-Worms gave us very clear information and we also had the opportunity to ask 

       "We all enjoyed all of the activities" and "the children have all been involved."

          The Earth-Worms ladies are lovely ladies

       "Their eggs made the most delicious scrambled eggs".

        We would "definitely re-book" Earth Worms

                                                                                                                              St Peters pre prep York

        The Earth Worms staff, Fran and Alison were amazing, the children loved them, they were 

        helpful, friendly, and always happy to answer any questions and reassure us over any 

         The equipment was great, not only was it child and hen friendly but also made from recycled
         materials and looked great too.

         The children loved the activities, making feed sticks and especially Nando the cockerel.

         The story sack was brilliant, the Nando visit great, meeting the chicks was enthralling. All 

        This is a great learning experience for the children without the long term commitment from the
                                                                                                                                            Blue Sky Day Nursery


     " I liked doing the jobs every day with Mrs P"

       " I liked the pretend chicken and I liked feeding them too"

       " I liked squirting something in the water and getting the eggs"

       " I liked stroking Posie's comb and her feet"

       " I liked looking for fox holes"

       " I liked doing the water and lifting the lid up"

                                                                                The children at St Peter's Pre Prep York








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